Xiaomi Mi 11 Disappointed: 108 Megapixel Camera Only Mediocre

Anyone who buys a smartphone for 800 euros expects it to take good photos in every situation. Especially when the Chinese manufacturer focuses on the 108 MP camera. However, camera professionals only give the smartphone a mediocre performance.

Xiaomi Mi 11 only lands in the middle of the field in the camera test

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi attaches great importance to the fact that the 108 MP camera of the Mi 11 is in a positive light. The camera should take great photos and videos in every situation. Xiaomi is so sure of its cause that it has even done without a telephoto lens. The 108 MP will be enough to use the content of acceptable quality, it was probably thought. We have already shown in the test of the Xiaomi Mi 11 that this is not a good idea. DxOMark has now also confirmed that omitting the telephoto lens has many disadvantages. The brand new phone from Xiaomi does even worse than the Huawei Mate 30 Pro from almost two years ago. With 120 points, it lands far behind in 22nd place. Even last year’s Mi 10 Pro lands before Mi 11.

The 108 MP sensor has a good image quality, as we have also determined. But when it comes to special situations like low-light photos, the autofocus is a bit weaker. The zoom is still acceptable to a lesser extent, but the Xiaomi Mi 11 cannot keep up with a real telephoto lens. Xiaomi could improve the image quality with an update, but the Chinese company cannot conjure up a telephoto lens.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is significantly better

With the Mi 11 Ultra, the Chinese company shows that Xiaomi has what it takes. This top mobile phone is by far in first place in DxOMark. No other smartphone manufacturer can keep up here. The cell phone is also equipped with everything a modern smartphone needs to be able to do. With the Mi 11, you have to cut corners, although with 800 euros you don’t pay too little.

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